Agriculture is the bedrock of our seed to shelf model – the very foundation of our commitment to consistent quality and food safety in both product and process.

The best growing areas for various crops have been identified based on years of experience. In India in the southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh we grow gherkins, jalapeños, tomatoes and baby corn.

Our operations positively impact local economies and stakeholders such as farm workers and staff for agri-operations. Women contribute significantly to our activities.




Bell Pepper

Baby Corn

Silver Skin Onions

The process of contract farming begins with pre-season contracts with farmers, thereby enabling a commitment to fair price. In order to achieve this, we work with internationally renowned seed companies to select the best quality seeds.

All our crops are GMO free and the farmers we work with are supported in growing crops through the technical guidance by qualified field personnel involving farmer training programmes.

In order to nurture the relationship with farmers, field and factory trips are held to educate them about Good Agriculture Practices and recognize the best farmers.

Gherkin is a crop for small and marginal farmers. Most of the farmers take up the crop in less than 1 acre.

It is a poor man’s crop, where it provides monetary benefits to a large group of farmers and rural people with very little investment.

Since the company provides all the required inputs, it helps the socially and financially deprived small and marginal farmers to come out of the vicious cycle of debt.

The farmer can focus on his farming activities - ZERO worries of input availability , pest and disease surveillance, precautionary measures, marketing, etc., which is taken care by the company.

Hence, the illiterate and ignorant farmers too benefit from the gherkin crop.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices are followed that result in proper social, economic and environmental stewardship. Our good agriculture practices enable differentiation in product quality and farmer yields.